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How to Become an Online Professor

Teaching is a profession that always needs new talent. If you are trying to find a teaching career that utilizes your experience and training to its fullest, then consider becoming an online professor. This teaching position will not only give you an amazingly flexible schedule, but it will also allow you to pursue other interests.

Qualifications for Online Professors

To become an online professor you will need to meet the requirements of the online school that you are applying for. Generally, however, you will need a Ph.D., or a terminal degree, at least five years of experience in your field and be able to back up your experience with personal and professional references. Other qualifications may include special certifications, especially if you are in the technology industry, and professional licenses, such as a nursing license.

What the Job Entails

An online professor has several responsibilities. Their first responsibility is to manage the distribution of learning materials to their students. This includes posting articles and reading assignments, as well as messages about things that are happening in the world right now that relate to what the students are learning about. Their next responsibility is to track student attendance. Most online schools require their students to log their account at least once a week. When a student is absent during the week the professor will generally drop them an email to see if there is a problem. The third responsibility is to make sure students are keeping up with their assignments. If a student misses an assignment deadline, the professor will need to contact the student. Responsibility number four is to grade assignments and tests. finally, to learn more, visit the site

Where to Find Online Professorships

You can find online professorships on school websites. Usually there is an "Employment Opportunities" link on the home page. When looking for a professorship you will need to look at schools that offer courses and degrees in a subject that you have experience in and / or that you have a degree in.

Submitting Your Application

To make the best impression possible with your application you need to follow the application instructions carefully. If they ask you for three references, send them three references. Also make sure your resume is current and focused on experience and skills that are directly related to the subject you want to teach and / or related to teaching at a college level or at a professional level. For example, experience teaching CPE courses is good to include but experience working at a fast food restaurant during your high school years is probably not necessary.

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